Film Date: August, 2009
Total Episodes: 16
Korea Casts:
Hae Suk Kim, Lee Ji Ah, Ryu Shi Won

Lee Seo Jung has recently joined a fashion magazine company called Style. Her boss, Editor Park, is loathed by her employees because of her bad temper. As Seo Jung is trying to climb the ranks of this company, she realizes that the fashion world is not a pretty place. Romance, backstabbing, competition, and lies all come along with the territory. However, she meets Seo Woo Jin who helps her during this tough time. Little does she know but Woo Jin is actually her boss’s ex-boyfriend. How will this affect Seo Jung’s pursuit of working in the fashion world?

This drama starts differently. Great cast original plot, and beautiful scenes.
Park Ki Ja is a great character. As prof in fashion business she did a great job and achieved her goals, not always in a fair way through.
Lee Seo Jung at the beginning reminds of the heroine from Devil wears Prada, but she develops with the series.
Great moments:
1. At the pool, when Ki Ja and Seo Jung fought because of Ki Ja the girls fell to the pool, I expected the guys to help them both…but surprise….they chose Ki Ja….so our heroine almost drowned….truly different moment…..
2. Seo jung and Min Joon at the mall chosing shoes for Se Jung ans suddenly seeing Ki Ja and Woo Jin…. very intense moment indeed.
3. Ki Ja in wedding dress …seeing Woo Jin said who’s more embarassed you or me?….funny moment

Ki Ja was portraying tough fashionista while Seo Jung was more delicate and flexible. The interactions between them were strong and unique in some way. As Ki Ja was cruel and bitchy while Seo Jung tried very hard to please her…and in the end Seo Jung became strong and tough fashionista….so the training was worth it…Their relationship as master and student reminded me another drama “Bethoveen’s virus” there Lee Ji Ah was a student too…and she had cruel and tough Maestro….these characters were great in both series.

Main heroine ( Leo Seo Jung) is a typical poor girl with her own complicated familly, and cheating boyfriend.
There is no prince charming…as Woo Jin seems like a prince charming at the beginning but after a few series he reveals his weakness and undecisive side.
Min Joon is a loner and Ki Ja’s “dog”….he remains in Korea only becaus of Ki Ja.
Ki Ja is the central of the series as she’s the example for fashionista in her magazine “style”. She is the winner….she manages to change Seo Jung, to touch Woo Jin’s weakness and hold Min Joon near to her.

Main point of the series: You can’t own magazine without sponsors…you need to have brand advertising to maintain the magazine and a lot of money to invest for the magazine.



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