OST Style

Posted: Februari 28, 2010 by missavin in Uncategorized

Bagi yg mau download OST Style tapi ngga tau judulnya, ini aku kasih tracklistny :

01. Kim Jin Pyo – Tell Me (feat. Hanul)
02. Ryu Si Won – You & I (feat. 김진표)
03. 우 이경 – Hey Hey Ho
04. Chae Yeo Wool – 맘보잠보 (With Johnny.G)
05. Hanul – 어쩌다 너를
06. Ryu Si Won (Duet with Seo In Young) – 그대만을 사랑합니다
07. Edge By Edge (Inst)
08. Lady Connection (Inst)
09. 느린, 그러나 피할 수 없는 (Inst)
10. Need Some Coffee Break? (Inst)
11. 처음 만났던 그 때처럼 (Inst)
12. 구름 속을 달리다 (Inst)
13. Get Back To My Stylish (Inst)
14. Red Oasis (Inst)
15. 꿈과 그림자 (Inst)
16. As Time Goes By (Inst)
17. Tell Me (Hanul Version)
18. You & I (JP Version)

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